• Applications

    Applications for this group are important to us and we love having new and fresh voices join up. In order to apply, there is a few things you need to know. We promise, it is nothing big or scary, just a requirement and a few tips or tricks for your application.

    • We do require you to register an account first - it takes only a minute or two and really helps cut down on spambots. After you confirm your account, you can apply at any time. The application link will not go anywhere.
    • The application is short, but important. Please read it carefully and consider your answers just as carefully.
    • We are writers. Reading and writing is what we do. Do not be afraid to get wordy with your application; a well thought out application can almost guarantee a timely response.
    • Give us up to 24 hours to reply in some form or fashion to your application.

    By clicking on the link below, you agree to follow the rules of The Ninth Fleet and any further ones as set out by individual group managers of the Ninth Fleet.

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